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About Foot Control and Support Systems

According to the US Department of Public Health –
“87% of all people in the US have a foot related problem.”

FOOT CONTROL AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS were developed with you in mind. We at Wyatt and Dad Inc. have been helping people with foot related problems for over 37 years. We have seen all sorts of problems with both custom and over the counter orthotics throughout these years. Our goal at Wyatt and Dad Inc. has been to produce an orthotic that is not just another orthotic in a sea of orthotics, but a revolutionary orthotic that will change the way you feel about your feet.

90% the percentage of people with rheumatoid arthritis who develop symptoms related to the foot or ankle.

During the development of Foot Control and Support Systems we took a lot of things into consideration. For instance some orthotics keep the foot related problem in mind but make the wearer change the type of shoes you prefer to wear. Some orthotics try to accommodate the type of shoe you wear and neglect to address your foot related problem. Some orthotics are inexpensive to purchase and don’t last very long, therefore continuous replacement actually makes them more expensive in the long run. Other orthotics are very expensive, therefore making it difficult for people to have more than 1 pair for their different types of shoes. And the list goes on.  When we designed the Foot Control and Support Systems, we knew that this was a change that needed to be made. Not only can you move Foot Control and Support Systems from shoe to shoe, but we designed the Foot Control and Support Systems to withstand the day-to-day abuse of our everyday lives, allowing you to feel assured that this orthotic will not break down.

Foot Control and Support Systems were developed to address the majority of foot related problems, designed to fit into your shoe of choice, be affordable and durable enough to support your feet for years to come.

Approximately 2 million people were treated for plantar faciitis in 2010

We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on Foot Control and Support Systems against any manufactures defect.

As you explore our website we trust that you will find the answers about our product and your lifestyle that you are looking for. If you still have questions about how Foot Control and Support Systems can help you maintain a healthy foot related lifestyle, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

Foot Control and Support Systems are proudly designed, manufactured and distributed in the USA