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Custom Orthotics

Changing Your Life, One Step at a Time!

Many places that offer custom orthotics take an impresssion of your feet and then mail those impressions to a lab somewhere, to a person that has never seen your feet, to get a pair of orthotics made for you. That not only takes time, but it is also difficult to get a proper fitting orthotic. If adjustments need to be made, then it is sent back and forth in the mail until things are right.

We have our lab in house. Your orthotics are made by the person that looked at your feet, watched you walk without them and had the discussion with you about the best course of action to take in getting your feet healthy again.

So, if custom orthotics are what you need, then there is no better choice you could make than to have them made by our Pedorthist at Foot Performance by Wyatt and Dad!