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Nine Month Plan to Healthy Feet


As Americans, we exercise our bodies to both maintain a level of physical fitness and to feel better about ourselves.  Exercising gives us more energy to enjoy things we want to do.  However, as active as we may be, most of us neglect the muscles in our feet thereby falling short in building the foundation to prevent injury. When we have foot problems, or foot related problems, it affects the performance and health of the rest of our bodies. 25% of the bones in our bodies are in our feet supporting all of our physical activities. It is therefore extremely important that we have the correct support for our feet and to exercise the muscles in our feet to be in the best physical shape possible. When our feet hurt we hurt all over.

Wyatt and Dad Inc. has put together an exercise program using our patented orthotics Foot Control and Support Systems to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your feet, as well as helps maintain proper alignment of the bones in your feet.  In nine months your feet get healthier, helping you to feel better and have more energy.

During this program you will be exercising the muscles of your feet.  As with all muscular exercise programs, it is important that the muscle group being exercised is not over worked or some discomfort may develop. With this in mind, it is recommended that you follow these steps to reduce discomfort and to maximize your experience with Foot Control and Support Systems

Place Foot Control and Support Systems in your shoes directly on top of the existing inserts

Begin exercising your feet gradually by wearing Foot Control and Support Systems in casual situations where you can take them out of your shoes during necessary intervals. Do not just put them in and begin running or exercising in your new Foot Control and Support Systems.

Wear Foot Control and Support Systems for 1hr and remove them from your feet for 1hr. Put Foot Control and Support Systems back in shoes for 1hr and then remove again for 1hr. Repeat this process for 3 days and then begin increasing the time intervals you wear them while decreasing the time out of them.

After 1 week of exercising your feet to get them ready for heavier activities, you may begin to do your exercises with Foot Control and Support Systems in your exercise shoes. It is recommended that the first couple of runs/exercising in your Foot Control and Support Systems be on your shorter run/exercising days. This is to ensure that your foot muscles are in shape for heavier exercises. If there is soreness in your feet the next day, revert back to step 2 and extend the process in steps 2 and 3.

Begin making a log of your foot and exercise progress with your Foot Control and Support Systems in your shoes.

At this point, the more you wear Foot Control and Support Systems throughout the day, the faster you will see results in living the healthier feet lifestyle. So, we suggest that you wear Foot Control and Support Systems orthotics in all your footwear. The reason for this is, although your muscles have become stronger at this point, tendons that have been stretched out over the years take longer to strengthen. Also, it will take the muscles and tendons time to retrain themselves to hold the bones of your foot in proper alignment and Foot Control and Support Systems help align the bones while these muscles and tendons are being retrained.

After 9 months of continuous wear, the muscles and tendons should be strong enough for some exercises without Foot Control and Support Systems for short periods of time. Such as wearing flip flops or sandals in the summer or light barefoot activities. If everything is ok, then you may gradually increase the amount of activities without your Foot Control and Support Systems, however, for continuous foot, knee and back health, it is recommended to continue to wear Foot Control and Support Systems in all footwear. Remember that as with all muscles, if we don’t continue to exercise them, they will get back out of shape. So, it is recommended, that after the 9 month training period, that you wear your Foot Control and Support Systems at least 1 day a week to keep those muscles in shape.

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