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Meet the Staff





Tony Wyatt, President/CEO joined his brother in 1989 to fulfill their lifetime dream of having a family business. Prior to joining his father and brother in Wyatt and Dad Inc., he was project manager for an office cubical installation company. He started as their 1st employee and helped grow the company into 3 major cities with over 200 employees. The Wyatt’s decided to use this expertise to grow their business. Tony was the first patient for the Foot Control and Support Systems and was deeply involved in the development of Foot Control and Support Systems. Through innovative thinking and an unwillingness to settle with an inferior product, Tony led the development of the Foot Control and Support Systems. Today, Tony continues as the CEO and President of Wyatt & Dad Inc. and since 1989, continues to focus on helping people every day. Tony’s leadership continues to bring positive results for Wyatt & Dad’s growth while leading the industry in using new technologies to develop cutting edge products.

Hobbies: multiple ½ marathon runner, tri-athlete, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, motocross, motor cycles, 4 wheeling, bungee jumping, baseball, football, basketball, golf and more

Ricky Wyatt, Vice President/Certified Pedorthist has been vice president of Wyatt and Dad, Inc. since 1989. Ricky has been practicing Pedorthics providing patient care in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia since 2000. Prior to joining Wyatt & Dad, Ricky began his shoe repair career in high school as a part-time job after school. After finishing high school he joined the Navy and served as a nuclear power engineer. After leaving the Navy in 1981 Ricky decided not to pursue a career in nuclear power and moved to Raleigh NC to begin his civilian life there. He picked up on his trade he learned in high school and started repairing shoes again. He moved to Winston Salem in 1983 and purchased the shoe repair shop that he worked for in 1989. In 1994 Ricky began the process of inventing our patented technology “Medial/Lateral Counter Foot Stabilizer” also known as “Foot Control and Support Systems”. Ricky is committed to developing and manufacturing products that revolutionizes orthotic footwear making the technology available to everyone at an affordable price!

Hobbies: Boston marathoner, ½ marathoner and tri-athlete, mountain biking, hiker, rock climber, snowboarding, snow skiing, motorcycles, baseball, football, basketball, golf and more.

Lance Wyatt, Vice President/Store Manager has been repairing shoes and helping customers with their foot related problems since 1995. While working under his Uncle Ricky and Grandfather John, Lance has been studying the mechanical engineering workings of shoes and the bio mechanics of the foot his whole life. So he is able to identify with shoe repair problems as well as foot related problems of our customers. One of Lance’s specialties is shoe modifications for leg length discrepancies. With over 20 years experience, 2 generations of experience handed down to him, an eye for excellence, and a passion to help people, your shoes are in good hands with him.

Hobbies: motocross, motorcycles, hiking, golf, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, snowboarding, bicycling, jet skiing, 4 wheeling and more.

Renee Wyatt, Office Manager began working at Wyatt and Dad Inc. in 1994 as counter help. With a background of working in collections at a hospital, she soon put her skills to work at Wyatt and Dad Inc. controlling inventory and strategically building the necessary supplies needed to add additional shoe shops. Renee helped Wyatt and Dad Inc. grow into a chain of shoe repair shops in NC and beyond through shoe repair by mail.

Hobbies: hiking, rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping, motorcycles, snowboarding, photography, reading, walking and more.

John Wyatt, Retired/Mechanical Engineer and Minister was an Engineer at Wix Filter Inc until going into the Ministry in 1971. While working at Wix Filter Inc. John designed and built several machines that are still in operation today. John joined his sons in business in 1989 and mentored them with his expertise in business management. His passion for engineering and innovative thinking was imperative for the creation of the Foot Control and Support Systems. With his background in mechanical engineering, John designed the machinery and molds that were needed to make the Foot Control and Support Systems in each stage as we perfected our product.

Hobbies: golf, hunting, motorcycles, baseball, auto mechanics, volunteer fireman and emt, missionary work, wood working, fishing hiking, camping and more.

Toby Crislip, Store Manager/Cobbler began his career with Wyatt and Dad Inc. in 2010. Having a background of working with his hands and problem solving in the custom auto industry made his transition into being a cobbler that puts out high quality work much faster than most people. His ability to work with customers, organizational skills, and keen eye for quality craftsmanship quickly promoted him to management within the company. He is now managing the Durham store and looking forward to years of service to our Durham clientele.

Hobbies: hiking, camping, mountain biking, running, motorcycles, motocross, jet skiing, snowboarding, boxing, golf, soccer, basketball, 4 wheeling and more.