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Baseball and Softball

Batting, running to the bases or running to catch the ball are all activities of baseball in which Foot Control and Support Systems can help improve performance, by improving:

  • balance 
  • speed 
  • accuracy

Baseball and Softball Custom Orthotics
By wearing
Foot Control and Support Systems  and increasing your balance while batting, consequently, you will use less muscle strength to keep yourself balanced and more muscle strength and energy can be applied to hitting the ball. With this added strength and energy, you will be able to apply more power and accuracy to your batting skills.

Several athletes have provided praise and testimonials, conveying their amazement at the difference Foot Control and Support Systems  has made in their batting skills alone. And that is not the end of the benefits to wearing Foot Control and Support Systems while playing baseball.

Increasing your balance on your feet, you will also increase your performance while running to catch that fly ball. With more stability in your footing, you can concentrate on looking up and keeping your eye on the ball. Also, with better response from your feet inside your shoes, you will be able to maneuver quicker for those times you find yourself stealing a base or caught in a pickle.

How does Foot Control and Support Systems help me do all this?

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