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Custom Orthotics for Bowling and Bowlers

Custom Orthotics for Bowling and Bowlers

Whether you are trying to crush that last strike or pick up a spare, balance plays an important factor. So much focus is put into rolling a bowling ball and sometimes we forget just how much balance affects the outcome of the game.

While approaching the lane, swinging a weighted ball backwards, changing direction and bringing the ball in line in a forward motion, you need perfect balance to create the precision needed to make the perfect roll.

By wearing Foot Control and Support Systems and increasing your balance while bowling, consequently, you will use less muscle strength to keep yourself balanced and more muscle strength and energy can be applied to rolling the ball. With this added strength and energy, you will be able to apply more power and accuracy to your bowling skills.

Foot Control and Support Systems can make the necessary difference in your balance to allow maximum concentration on a precision roll, alleviating the concern focused around balance. Not only will this new-found focus allow you to bowl a better game, but it will provide longevity and endurance to carry on many more games without getting fatigued

How does Foot Control and Support Systems help me do all this?

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