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Football or Soccer

Custom Orthotics for Football and Soccer Players
One of the biggest concerns of any sport is getting injured, football and soccer are no exception to that rule. Some of the most common injuries in football or soccer are foot related because of the demand we put on our feet while playing. Football and soccer involve:

  • kicking
  • running
  • jumping
  • quick, evasive maneuvering

 All of which make having a good foot foundation under us very important.

When the foot is weak (due to improper arch support) it weakens the rest of the body. When arches collapse improperly and the calcaneus (heel bone) enverts, as you run, jump or evade your opponent, the ankle is allowed to roll excessively and can cause injuries in the foot, ankle, knees and hips.

Playing soccer requires a great deal of balance because a lot of the game is played standing on one foot while trying to control the ball with the other.

Playing football requires a great deal of balance because during most of the game your opponent is trying to knock you off balance to get the advantage over you.

Foot Control and Support Systems are designed to aid in preventing these type injuries.  Foot Control and Support Systems keep the arches supported while controlling the calcaneus during the ranges of foot motion during the games of football and soccer.  Also, by supporting all 3 arches of the foot an increase in balance is achieved, giving you the advantage on the field over an opponent not wearing  Foot Control and Support Systems. Another benefit in controlling the excessive motion of the foot during evasive maneuvering will result in quicker response from your feet giving you the ability to maneuver faster.

How does Foot Control and Support Systems help me do all this?

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