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Custom Orthotics for Walking or Hiking

Custom Orthotics for Walking or Hiking

Traditional walking/running shoe companies have been trying to come up with a better way to make their shoes more comfortable and reduce the number of injuries for their customers. They have changed materials, added stabilizers to the outsides of the shoes, made the outside bases of the shoes wider, put harder materials in strategic areas while putting softer materials in other areas and the list goes on.

And yet, the injury rate has increased.

90% is the percentage of people with rheumatoid arthritis who develop symptoms related to the foot and ankle.

The majority of which is the result of a foot related injury. Some studies have stated that the elevated heel in conjunction with too much cushioning is the source of these injuries. Many of these experts are promoting minimalist shoe. There are others who don’t believe the minimalist shoe is the way to go. There are problems with both sides of the argument. To just switch over to other styles of walking/running without proper foot training has its consequences and is discussed in our “Running Minimalist” article.

Foot Control and Support Systems studies show that it is of little consequence as to the materials used on the outside of the shoe as to how stable the foot is on the inside of the shoe. The foot needs to be stabilized inside the shoe in order to prevent foot related injuries during the gait cycle.

Another problem with addressing improper foot motion only on the outside of the shoe is in attempting to support the arch after it has fully collapsed. The inside of the shoe is still flat and unsupportive of the 3 arches of the foot throughout the gait cycle.

How does Foot Control and Support Systems help me do all this?

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