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Work, Dress, or Casual Footwear

Because Foot Control and Support Systems help give us a more stable foundation by:

  • Supporting the arches
  • Controlling the heel bone
  • Increasing our balance
  • Improving our posture

It relieves other areas of our body such as:

  • the ankles
  • knees
  • hips
  • lower back

As we work and move about in our daily activities we lean and stretch to carry or get things we need, putting a strain on these areas. When our foundation is already under a strain because of a lack of support, these simple activities become less simple and more of a strain on our bodies than we realize, making us tired at the end of the day.

While many of us believe in putting arch supports in our athletic shoes to aid our feet in performing during the strain of our favorite sport, the majority of the time our feet are in our dress/work and casual shoes and we neglect our feet in these type shoes. Actually, it is more important to support and exercise our arches while in our dress/work shoes and boots. If we keep our arches supported and exercise the muscles of our feet the majority of the time, then we will put less strain on them while performing our favorite athletic sport.

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