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Preventative maintenance for your child’s feet is one of the most important things you can do for your child while they are growing!!

Gone are the days when children’s shoes were supportive enough to help their feet and arches develop correctly. Children need more support than most shoes provide. Whether they are playing on the soccer field, running around the playground, or just being kids…they need arch support and protection.

Not every child needs orthotics but it is a good idea to have them checked on a regular basis after each growth spurt of their feet to ward off potential problems. As your child’s body changes each time he/she goes through a growth spurt, so does their feet. We have put children in orthotics with severe foot problems during one growth cycle, checked them through the next few growth cycles and their feet were very healthy, so no orthotics or adjustments to their shoes was necessary. The next growth cycle came along and they needed orthotics again. People that maintain healthy feet while they are a child are less likely to have foot related problems as an adult. People with foot related problems as a child that don’t treat those problems will always have foot related problems as an adult.

The arches of our feet are the support structure of the foundations of our bodies. If we allow our body to grow on top of a poor foundation, then we can cause problems in our entire body. It is extremely important to not let your child’s foot go through a growth cycle without fixing any problems that develop. That problem can become a permanent one if the foot or foot related problem is allowed to continue growing in that direction.

At Wyatt and Dad Pedorthic Foot Care center, we offer a free foot evaluation to all our customers. We are more than happy to evaluate your child’s feet at any time that you feel there may be a problem. Through the years we have seen children that had severe problems corrected through proper treatment and we have seen children that have foot problems that will last them a lifetime because they weren’t treated in time.

We carry several options to help you and your child with foot related problems. Call or stop by the store and schedule an appointment to have a foot evaluation and get those feet headed in the right direction to living a healthy life.