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Shin Splints

Shin splints is the common name for the medical condition called medial tibial stress syndrome in which pain occurs along the tibia (shin bone) in the front of the lower leg. The pain is a result of small tears in the area the lower leg muscles’ attachment to the tibia caused by overstressing the lower leg. Shin splints are typically caused from intense or vigorous athletic activity and can be resolved with adequate rest, stretching and modifying your exercise routine.

One of the best modifications to your routine is to add Foot Control and Support Systems to your shoes during your day to day activities as well as to your exercise shoes.

Relief from shin splints with custom orthotics

Relief from shin splints with custom orthotics

Medial tibial stress syndrome(MTSS) is the most prevalent form of shin splints and can affect a broad range of individuals. It affects mostly runners and accounts for approximately 13% to 17% of all running-related injuries. High school age runners see MTSS injury rates of approximately 13%. Aerobic dancers have also been known to suffer from MTSS, with injury rates as high as 22%. Military personnel undergoing basic training see lower MTSS injury rates between 4% and 6.4%. Research has also shown that MTSS is more prevalent in women than men.

Research has shown that most shin splints are caused by a lack of balance causing us to put too much pressure on the lower leg muscle trying to maintain balance throughout the day. Then we add exercise to an already fatigued muscle causing it to tear.

Foot Control and Support Systems are designed to improve poster by stabilizing your foundation and, therefore, improve your balance.

How does Foot Control and Support Systems help me do all this?

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