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Toe Plates are meant to be inserted into the toes of the soles for people that wear their toes out long before they are able to get full wear out of their soles. Traditionally these people had to rely on intrusive toe taps, and have them replaced frequently. Toe plates typically last through the life of the sole. There are always exceptions to the rule for extremely heavy toe draggers. 


Choose from either Triumph Toe Plates or Lulu Toe Plates

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We recraft and design each pair by hand. Current lead times are 8 weeks.


    We use nothing but the best materials, from vegetable tanned JR leather to rugged Vibram rubber. You can rest assured that your Wyatt & Dad (RE)CRAFT will be an excellent upgrade.


    Each one of our (RE)CRAFTS is hand crafted by one of our master cobblers. The art of fine cobblering takes years to master and our cobblers have been at this for quite some time.


    Got a special request or want an accent to your shoes you don’t see available? Put that in the comments section in your cart and we will consult with you once we’ve received your shoes.